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Name:the Black sisters and the Mitford sisters
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Community description:JK rowling's modeling of the Black sisters in HP on the Mitford sisters

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JK Rowling loves Jessica Mitford, and named her daughter after her. Rowling talks about it at length in her review of Jessica Mitford's collected letters.

What several of us just realized (in a thread in hp_britglish) is that Rowling modeled the Black sisters after the Mitford sisters. Belletrix is much like Unity Mitford, who was in love with Hitler and shot herself at the start of WWII. Narcissa is like Diana Mitford, who married Oswald Moseley, leader of the British Union of Fascists before and during WWII: they were interned without trial during the war. Andromeda seems analogous to Jessica Mitford, who married a Jewish colleague in government service and the US Communist Party.

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